How to getrich the Scrooge McDuck way  
     Have you ever wanted to be so fabulously wealthy that you could swim in your money? Well thanks to DuckTales, the show that taught a whole new generation of children the stereotype that the Scottish are cheap, you can learn to be this rich too.

Step 1:

Instead of buying an expensive diamond mine in Africa, buy a worthless coal mine. After all, it's so hot in Africa that no one would ever use coal there.

Step 2:

Now trek out to your mine. Make sure you bring some ridiculously stereotyped natives to carry your luggage and two fops whose monacles you can make fall down.

Step 3:

Toss the peanuts you brought among the coal (note: this will only work if the coal in the "mine" is actually just laying around on the ground).

Step 4:

As all of us have observed in daily life, a handfull of peanuts immediately brings a stampede of elephants.

Step 5:

While eating the peanuts the elephants will naturally step on every piece of coal laying about.

Step 6: Profit!

The pressure from the elephants will have created gem quality diamonds out of all the coal. You're now fabulously wealthy!!!!

Step 7:

Now you can swim through your piles and piles of gold since it has the same physical properties as water.

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