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so your best friend is dating your sister

So, you think everything is going smoothly, when *BAM*,


your best friend since birth is suddenly making google eyes at your sister.


Are you going to let this guy who you shared tons of "I'd hit that"s with lay his scheming hands on your pure, innocent sister?


No, you know what he's really like, and it's time to take action:

Plan A: Try to break them up.


Now, so-called "rational" people may try to tell you that if schemes to break them up fail, maybe they really are in love and you should give them your blessing. These people are losers. That's why you need a backup plan:

Plan B: Revenge!


Step 1: Date his sister!

Easy as pie. Dating his sister is all you need to teach that backstabbing jerk a lesson. The plan may take a few years if his only sister is too young, but ten years from now you'll be dining on a sweet dish called payback.


Don't worry. It's not your fault the jerk doesn't have a sister. So don't lose heart.

Step 2: Try to get creative:

  • Does he have a brother?
  • How is his parents' marriage working out?

Leave it to a jerk who would date your sister to fiendishly be an only child whose happily married parents are only children. Don't lose hope, for the most resourceful will get their sweet revenge eventually:

second cousin

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